It's all in the print

Print trousers have been around for a while now and judging by the number of designers who used print pants in their Spring 2012 collections, they are very much here to stay.

They can be a tricky affair (if you're not careful they can look a bit MC Hammerish) and they're certainly not everyone's cup of tea but you know what, I lurve them and the attention I get when I wear them, they make me feel good.

I made this pair using a gorgeous geometric ankara print I brought from a shop in East Ham indoor market:

Ankara featured heavily in Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2012 collection
I decided to team the trousers with block colours cos head to toe print can sometimes be a little overwhelming:
The brown braids in my topknot look like a carmel swirl
Contemplating what lovelies I'll be rocking this season

Don't step on ma blue suede shoes sugar (well, actually, they're velvet)
Check out my 3D nail art. It's the first time I got it done and it's definetely gonna be a permanent fixture. I'm already thinking about what I'm gonna do next.
Every Princess has a crown


  1. Goshhhh I love all the prints... you have found a new follower

  2. love love love the pants, and the print is gorgeous!

  3. I just saved your look on my computer...I wanna look like you one day...soon!

  4. @ ashi - thanks babe

    @ tiki - aww, thanks babe, that's so sweet

  5. the prints are so fresh !

    pretty blog !

  6. Me i love ur creativity... tempted to comment on all the blog post (do not want to be stalker.. lol). Beaurifull......

  7. Feel free to comment as much as you like babe :D


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