Thursday, 12 April 2012

Vogue Magazine has a fashion and design school!

Sorry I've been MIA guys but I come bearing good news of the most fabulous variety. Vogue Magazine is starting a fashion and design college. Okay, well, not exactly but their publisher Condé Nast are, which is kinda the same thing. I mean Condé Nast are publishers of some of the world's most stylish magazines and websites - Vogue, Teen Vogue, WWD,, Vanity Fair, Tatler, Love, GQ, Glamour, Allure, Wired, Brides, Beauty Inc and Footwear News etc etc. 

I was super stoked when I discovered they are starting a fashion school, not in Paris, Milan or New York but right here in London town, "the heart of one of the world’s most exciting fashion capitals", go Britannia, lol. Anywys the school is gonna be all kinds of fabulous dahling,

The Condé Nast College is a great tarting point for those who want to be tomorrow’s stars of the fashion industry. With outstanding resources, leading-edge facilities and access to experts from the worlds of fashion, style and luxury, the College will prepare its students to work in all areas of this exciting and innovative industry.

The college will open in 2013 and will offer two courses the ten-week Vogue Fashion Certificate and the year-long Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma. And they are now accepting applications and are looking  forward to welcoming the first students! They will also be offering Master Classes and Short Courses, (summer school, evening and weekend gigs).

However these courses do not come cheap, the one year Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma is £19,560.00 excluding VAT. The ten week Vogue Fashion Certificate is Vogue Fashion Certificate is £6,600.00 excluding VAT. And I'm assuming the short courses will be around £3-4k exc VAT but they have stated that the fees for short courses and summer schools will vary according to the duration of the course.

I know it's expensive especially but it's a great way to get your foot in the door, especially if you are interested in fashion journalism or styling or you even wanna start a well "connected" fashion label. 


  1. Omg are u serzz dats like soo cool. Am soo excited cause I wanna do fashion journalism as me master degree. Can I be able to get more details abt d college like d website and all plzzzz tanxs hun

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  3. Way to go Conde Nast for finding a way to cash in on their magazine clients. Its a good idea in principle, but having looked at those prices, I'd advise people (especially those in their mid 20s) who wanted to go into professions like styling, that they'd probably be better of doing an internship at Conde Nast or other fashion mags. But for the young/those with money to burn- God Speed!

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  5. wow that's a very good thought but isnt the fees pretty expensive 19k for some diploma!!hmmmm i really agree with Lady B lol

  6. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X

  7. where have you been woman!
    just spreading some love on your page!
    have a wonderful day

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