Sunday, 27 May 2012

Curl it up

I've been getting a lot of compliments on my new do and people regularly ask me questions about it. So I thought I'd do a post on it.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t necessarily need a weave to achieve it, you can use a straw set. If you do want to use weave, Model Model Glance Weave in Soft Jerry Curl (which is synthetic) and Jazzy Pello Premium Wave Curl (which is human) are fantastic. I prefer the Model Model hair myself which I used it with a straw set.

How to do a straw set
The straw set method of curling hair is great for natural hair, as well as straightened or relaxed hair. The hair looks much thicker and fuller with natural hair though and I'm not just saying that cos my hair's natural lol,
You will need: plastic drinking straws cut into small pieces (cut one straw into three pieces), bobby pins, clips, setting lotion or black beeswax or gel (dependent on the texture of your hair), shine serum, hair spray and a comb.

  1. Part hair into small sections, roughly the same size you would use for medium sized single braids. It’s probably best if you part your hair as you go along. Use clips to hold sections out of the way so that one section at a time is set.
  1. Apply setting lotion or black beeswax or gel to the strands in each section (until wet) before twisting around a cut drinking straw piece.
  1. Starting from the root, wrap the the small section of hair around the straw tightly. Continue until you have wrapped the whole length of the hair around the straw. Ensure the hair is rolled up into a tight spiral before securing it with the bobby pins. I prefer to place the bobby pin over the straw rather than inserting it into the straw.
  1. Complete step 1-3 until you are finished with your entire head.
  1. For maximum health of black hair, you should allow your hair to air dry. For a more polished look, you can let your hair dry underneath the hair dryer - if this method is used, make sure to utilise a small but adequate amount of thermal hair protector in step two.
  1. Spray your entire head with hair spray. Take out the bobby pins from all the straws and gently remove the straws from your hair by sliding them out.
  1. Run fingers gently through your curls and apply a shine serum.
When you are completely finished you will have a head full of beautiful curls. Good luck with your straw curl set.


  1. Beautiful! How do you maintain it if you do it with your own hair? My problem is that my hair becomes really dry and after two days of moisturizing, the curls are really loose.

  2. How long did that take you? It seems like hard work hun?

  3. Very pretty look and great for summer!

  4. the hair looks lovely on you and you wear it well! nice make up btw