Thursday, 21 June 2012

Scarf Print Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Totally loving this season’s scarf print trend and it’s super easy to pull off. Check out this scarf print maxi skirt tutorial by my sister Ayo.

This is the fabric, bright tuquoise and burnt orange. 

 Ayo then used a hot iron to create accordian pleats

She pinned the facing to the raw edge of the garment, this formed the casing at the waist.

The facing was then stitched down at the top (raw edges) and folded over onto the wrong side of the fabric (inside).

A piece of non roll elastic the length required to go around the waist comfortably was cut and one end of the elastic was pinned to the fabric.

A hair pin was attached to the other end and used to thread the elastic through the casing.

The ends were stitched down

She then topstitched close to the fold at the upper edge

The side seams were stitched together and the skirt was hemmed and voila


  1. where have you been! love this tutorial and the skirt came out looking so gorgeous.

  2. I just went through your blog and i love it. You are so pretty ;) You are so creative!! Keep up the great work hun...

    Kami from