Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wintour through the seasons

I recently stumbled upon these photos detailing Anna Wintour's (Editor-in-Chief at US Vogue) style evolution and I though I'd share them with you. I particularly love her nineties looks because they're so free-spirited, they inspire me to be more experimental and take more risks with what I wear. Fashion should be fun and even if I do look back and think 'what the ?!?!' does it really matter. If I'm happy and love what I'm wearing that should be enough, life is for living.


  1. OMG, give me 90s Wintour, NOW!! I had NOOO idea she looked like sooo much fun and a girl I'd like to party with. Who knew? It makes me sad, sometimes when I see change like this and thats why I love the Grace Jones's of the world, who still show a bit of freak in their armour...

    1. She definitely looked like the ultimate party girl. I bet she had a blast!