Wedding Belle: The Finished Dress

The dress was made for a close relative and unfortunately neither me or Ayo were able to attend the wedding in Nigeria. As we're based in different countries we weren't able to do a fitting  for the bride or a consultation, we communicated most of our ideas and the necessary measurements by email or bbm.

The blushing bride teamed the dress with an opaque chemise she got made locally. However she decided not to have her dress altered locally because she was worried the seamstress might ruin it.

Considering that we're self taught and that the bride didn't have a fitting the result was lovely.

Here are photos of the beautiful bride in her dress:


  1. That is a beautiful church! the dress is lovely too sorry the church just caught my eye lol

  2. i absolutely adore the dress

  3. I thought l was the only one! What is the name and where is this church located please? It looks so much like UK. The dress is lovely. Great Job!

    1. It's the Cathedral of St Peter in Aremo, Ibadan. Quite a few of my relatives have gotten married there, it's our family Church which is quite handy as they are very strict when it comes to officiating ceremonies - you have to be a Church card holder and pay Church dues - it may seem a bit OTT but the cathedral is expensive to maintain and it's still in great condition considering it was built in the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century (the Church was established in 1863).

  4. Wao you did great,the dress is nice and it suits the bride.

  5. Beautiful dress! I want you guys to make my dress - of you do plus size that is - :)


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