Les Soeurs

I love that Comptoir de Cotonniers uses real mother and daughter duos (trios and quartets) in their advertising campaigns and that The Kooples features real life couples in theirs.
Comptoir des Contonniers current advertising campaign  featuring Irene Toulin and her daughters Eleonore, Marie and Eugenie
The Kooples couple Julien and Daniela - "kooples" pronouced koo-pleuh is French slang for "couples"
Inspired by these campaigns, I came up with the crazy idea of making an advertising campaign (or should I say concept campaign because I'm not actually selling anything) featuring me with one of my sisters. And in keeping with the Parisan theme (both labels are French) my concept label is called "Les Soeurs", which means the sisters in French.

So here is our first "campaign" (I made my blouse and my sister's skirt):

My sister's so cool, I had no fashion sense when I was 15 and she styled this outfit herself!



  1. love the skirt and top wow and you guys look stunners :)

  2. you guys look sooo cute...would love to feature you on www.shadders.net

  3. @Silver Dreams - Thanks hun

    @Shadders - Thank you and I'd love to be featured on www.shadders.net, that would be awesome!

    @Uduak - Thanks babe

  4. i love the coordination. you girls look amazing!!

    --instead of an elephant

  5. the pattern is great! i especially like the skirt:) x

  6. @ Katie - thank you sweets

    @ Laura - thank you darling

  7. Les Soeurs! Bravo!


  8. @The Lawson's Runway - thank you.

    @Alesha - thanks.

  9. Love love it, you and your sister are so cute and fashionable well done



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