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Remember when Carrie quips she's been cheating on fashion with furniture in SATC 2 well for the last few months that has been my reality. I've ditched my fashion mags for interior design ones. Here's an upholstery project I recently completed.

Here's how the sofa originally looked, tired and faded, I bought it from a local charity shop.

I tried to reupholstered the chair with fabric that complimented my rug and had an Africhic vibe, so I decided to use quintessential African print fabric - ankara.


  1. Lovely! Did you do it yourself? Looks professional.

    1. Yes I did hun and it was surprisingly easy. The sofa basically consists of 4 cushions and covering them was pretty straight forward. For the arms I stretched the fabric around the cushioned part and secured it with upholstery nails - that was the most fiddly bit to be honest.


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