Highland fling

One of my favourite looks from Etro's Ready-to-Wear Collection this season is this gorgeous ensemble:

I decided to recreate my own version of this winter look:

I ditched Etro's leather pocket and decided to go with a small purse and tassel similar to the Scottish "sporran"


  1. very nice! i love the colors you mixed and the hair do. i prefer your look to the actual one too :)

  2. I really like the way you interpret this oufit plus you have a lovely face and a nice figure. I also enjoyed your ankara pants good work

  3. @ ashi - thank you darling

    @ chic therapy - thanks babe

    @ minasek - thanks hun, you're way too kind x

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! great look..and you're working it Girlie!!

  5. You hair! You should do a Tutorial Of how you did it... It's gorgeous!

  6. @ Marcella Precise - thanks darl

    @ Lizzy O - awww thanks babe

    @ Bisa - glad you like it :D

  7. Loved it until we got to the shoes. Its more of a sophisticated look like Aristocratic scottish land owners and the boots make it casual.

    Still love the efforts though. I think i'll be a regular reader of your blog.


  8. I’m glad you like it, well liked most of it, hehe. It’s not really a sophisticated look, I think the skinny jeans and oversized chunky knit sweater make it more casual which is why I chose to team it with my high heeled leather hiking boots. And although the photo was taken outside my dingy flat in Hackney, East London, in my mind I standing atop a windswept craggy hill in the Scottish Lowlands, sad eh, but I like to get into character when dressing up.

    Thanks for your input nevertheless, I’m always looking for ways to improve myself stylistically (if that’s even a word) and your comments have been duly noted. I may do a more sophisticated version of this look later with a sharp shoe, a crisp white shirt and cigarette pants or I could go the Alexander McQueen route (which would be super ambitious of me), check out this look from his Fall 2006 collection, it’s soo hot: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/F2006RTW-AMCQUEEN?event=show1425&designer=design_house43&trend=&iphoto=32#slide=32


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