Let them eat cake

It was my birthday recently and my sister, Wumi, made me a delicious cake inspired by a fila (yoruba hat) and folded ankara fabric:

Mens embroidered cap - "fila"

Folded ankara fabric
Here's the cake:

I know you ain't tryna count my candles!
Please ignore the cheap wine


  1. Love the cake!!! Who was it made by? Would really appreciate the details.

  2. My sister and one of her work colleagues made it for me, it was delicious #thumbs up all round!

  3. awwwwwwwwww that is so innovative... have never seen anything like this b4.. very beautiful..

    Mehn there is a market for this ohh as in, the pattern/design/colour etc (wearing my marketing hat)....

  4. Lol, I'll have to pass this message on to my sister, thanks hun.


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