Stud it up

I've been feeling quite crafty lately, rummaging through my wardrobe and thinking of ways to update/customise old pieces. This is an old denim shirt from Primarni that I hardly ever wear:

 And these studed denim pieces worn by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna were my inspiration:

These are the tools I used toachieve this look; a pair of ' bent nose' pliers and silver cone claw back studs:

And voila, the finished shirt:


  1. very pweety :)

  2. Me Likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well done!

  3. @Olayemi Alaba - thank you hun x

    @kcomekarolina - thanks darl x

    @disturbed style - thank you x

    @The Cyber Diva - thanks babe ;D

  4. wow!! this is great...maybe i should call it, "fashion engineering". solid stuff

  5. @Chic Therapy - thanks babe

    @Jovie Onyema - Thank you, I like the sound of "fashion engineering", it has a nice ring to in it, I may borrow it from you.

  6. Impressive..... loves


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