Weave me over

DIYs are not limited to clothes, shoes and accessories, they also include hair. As Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have shown us wigs and weaves are the new fashion accessory. And they can really pull an outfit together.

My sister, Ayomide, made this awesome weave cap using a pair of forty dernier tights, two packets of weave and bonding glue. I absolutely love the results. Ayo and I have chemical free, natural hair and this is a great way to incorporate some versatilty into our look without compromising the integrity of our hair. Oh my gosh, I sound like a natural hair advocate - which I'm definitely not. I just like having natural hair.

This is the finished look

Ayo used synthetic weave she isn't a fan of human hair
It's also inexpensive (in complarison to human hair) and can be tonged

She made a stocking cap using the tights and glued the hair to it. She also added snap comb clips for security at the front and back of the cap. This is the inside of the weave cap btw.

The weave cap has a small u shaped opening at the front so that a section of Ayo's (pressed) hair can be brushed over the tracks and blend in with the extensions
The great thing about making the stocking cap base out of tights is that it fits your head perfectly and is really snug. Because the hair is bonded it lies flat thus making it appear more natural and less bulky. Ayo used synthetic weave but you could use the ever popular brazilian or mongolian weave or even a remi yaki which I think resembles pressed black hair best, it has a beautiful texture.


  1. nice...I like the finished product!
    lol at "ever popular brazilian or mongolian weave"

  2. OMG!!!! I Think i have made a new Friend i love you and your creativity
    everything about you ;)
    i hope we get to meet one day so we can work together
    lol mii bad i am kind of straight forward but i love your creativity. i kind of see myself in you in a funny way lol

  3. @Ashi - thanks babe,I'm glad you likey and the brazilian weave thing is so true, it's everywhere these days, I ain't hating on it (it is good hair)but dayum...

    @Elizabeth - Babe I love your straight forwardness and I'm glad you wanna be friends, cos I wanna be friends too *big hug*

  4. I luv u n ur sister already!. God's blessings to u both.
    I'm also natural / wig + weave wearing but will like to stop weaves as they are definitely damaging my locks.
    very neat wig job by ur sis,If she ever considers making these wigs commercially pls hit me up

  5. @bbbejewelled- thanks hun and I so know what you mean about weaves damaging locks, if sewn in too tight they can pull on the hair and damage the hairline. I use to wear lace wigs and they're even worse.

  6. I really Love ur blog, find d info very helpful. I knw dis sounds strange bur wats d difference in a synthetic weave and a human hair weave?

    1. Synthethetic weave if made of different synthetic fibres whilst human human weave is generally obtained from "hair collectors", who cut the hair directly from people's heads, and bundle it as ponytails. This hair is called virgin cuticle hair, or just virgin hair. Lower qulaity human hair extensions are collected from barbers' floors or Indian temple floors and aretreated with acid and other chemicals.

      Synthetic hair does not last as long as human hair because it gets quickly damaged by friction. It is less expensive than human hair. Heating appliances such as curling irons, hair dryers and straightening combs generally should never be used on most types of synthetic hair. There are, however, newer versions of synthetic hair from some brands that can be heat styled, like the one my sister used. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed with hair dye but you can use fabric dye on it, I think, which is great if you wanna experiment with this seasons pastel coloured hair trend, think lilac, baby pink, powder blue(not all together of course).

      You can pretty much treat human hair like you own hair really.


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