Black & Gold

I know I was supposed to make this black and gold damask into a pair of trousers but I changed my mind and made a pencil skirt instead. I didn't know damask frayed so heavily, it is a bit of a nightmare to sew in that respect (not as bad as satin though, thank God). For me with fabrics that fray, the fewer the seams, the better which is why making a pencil skirt was the easier option. I am soo loving the results so I'm guess it was worth it. I used Mccall's M3830 pencil skirt pattern and practically sewed myself in it. I wanted it to be very fitted. I cut the jumper (sweater) into a wrap cardigan type top and used a makeshift brooch to secure it.



  1. nice work babe!!! the skirt luks fab i want one tooo!!

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  3. you be killing them outfits! love the mixture of the textures and the attitude.
    get it!


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